Nicole Francesca


I approach design with a Fine Arts trained eye and Analysis based mindset.


Nicole Francesca Dupuis

Like every good product, work, design, there’s a story behind it.

My name is Nicole and I have always been a creator and a researcher. I grew up in Norwich, CT in an Italian immigrant household with my grandfather and my mother. My mother saw I was a creator from the start and made sure to stock plastic bins with colored pencils, paper and even the big box of crayons with a built in sharpener. My was the biggest influence on pursuing knowledge and understanding of the world around me. He would hand off books and articles on every subject, which I would then devour and recite back cheerfully.

I pursued both my creative and intellectual endeavors and was lucky enough to be classically trained in Fine Arts. I had my mind set on becoming a Printmaker and opening up my own studio. When I was about to start applying for college, the financial recession hit. I saw friends and family around me lose their jobs and houses. I turned to research and learning to understand what was happening learning about economic crashes, financial markets and cycles. I then decided to pursue Finance to fuel my knowledge while also reducing job risk based on my research.

I received my bachelors from Emmanuel College in Business Management and minored in Fine Arts. I was able to gain a vast amount of experience in different financial sectors including private equity, venture capital, mutual funds and hedge funds. I knew something was missing to my analytical side, it was the creativity. I turned to research again and I found UX/UI.

I completing my thesis in Digital Media (Interactive Design) from Northeastern University this December. While pursuing my degree I also was able to apply my knowledge of the hedge fund industry at Eze Software where I designed cloud based, all-in-one trading solutions for small cap hedge funds.

I decided recently to pursue a challenge at Electric Boat designing software that helps to build America’s nuclear submarines but I am currently looking to be apart of a company who is designed focus and where I can grow my design skills with a dedicated and creative team.

Want to see all my crazy experience? You can find my full resume on Linkedin.

When I am not working as a UX Designer you can find me writing about personal finance on my blog, snowboarding the icy slopes of New England or brewing a cup of tea.




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